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Photo of Trpkovski from 2013

Nicholas Trpkovski (born March 14, 1995) is an American actor and composer. Trpkovski was very invoved with theater programs throughout his adolescence.

Paradox LockdownEdit

Paradox Lockdown founded by Cameron Williamson and Peter Sizelove was a pop rock band orginating from the island of Kauai, HI. Trpkovski was made an addition to the band in the early stages after Sizelove left the band. Initially Trpkovski was brought on as a drummer but it was later that he switched roles with Zack Silva as the bassist. In Mid-2013 Trpkovski left the band due to creative differences and pursue other interests. 


Trpkovski wrote the orginal score for Peter Sizelove's Burn. Alongside Sizelove, Trpkovski helped as an assistant director for the film.

Monsters & MenEdit

Trpkovski, having worked with Sizelove before, was brought on to the project as an actor for Monsters & Men. Trpkovski plays The Showrunner, a seasoned fighter turn showrunner for an underground fighting ring. He also created the score for the film with use of heavy synthesizer and acoustic guitar.