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Headshot of Kailer Scopacasa (photo cred. Peter Sizelove)

Kailer Scopacasa (Born May 20, 1996) is an American actor and screenwriter. Scopacasa began acting at a young age in elementary school plays. Scopacasa had also been in The Crucible for Kauai's KPAC in 2012. In filmmaking, He created many shorts for his youtube channel Kaimakana007


Scopacasa created the account Febuary 7, 2008 with What? being his first upload the same day. Throughout the years of the account Scopacasa often showed his skill at Adobe After Effects with Heros referenced super abilites and even a short called Adobe After Effects Battle. This gained popularity on the account and catagorized the channel as an effects heavy area. 

Scopacasa began to break this mold in Febuary 2012 with Billy Mays Parody, using the effects as an accesory rather than a selling point with his videos.

Without a HomeEdit

In late January of 2012, Scopasa collaborated with Peter Sizelove to create Without a Home. Together they wrote, directed and starred in the film. Scopacasa played two roles in the film as one of the leading boys and the intimidating drug dealer. After shooting was over Scopacasa also edited the film and posted it for free streaming on his youtube account.


Uploaded on November 26, 2012, Scopacasa created Change, a short video expressing the difference a little kindness can make. The short directed by Scopacasa went on to win a Hawaii PTSA Award.

Monsters & MenEdit

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Screenshot from Monsters & Men

In Early May 2013, Peter Sizelove approached Scopacasa with an idea for a film about underground street fighting. It was after this intial meeting that the two collaborated and wrote the film that would become Monsters & Men. After Co-writting the film Scopacasa took on the leading role of Vincent.