The Youtube channel and show was created April 13, 2014 by Peter Sizelove & Rheme Ragasa.


Front Seat Profile Picture from Twitter


The car-based comedy show was first aired April 13, 2014 with it's pilot episode of the same name. The show was hosted by Sizelove and Ragasa; regularly they discussed personal experiences, sex and other zany situations. The format of the show consisted of one of the hosts asking a question and the two would discuss it. On occasion the duo would take questions from their Twitter or Facebook pages. The "Bro Humor" show's last episode aired May 15, 2014. It was not discussed why the show ended.

Episodes Edit

Episode # Title Air Date Summary
101 Pilot April 13, 2014 Annoyances, Vacations and Masturbation
102 We're In A Car April 24, 2014 Favorite words, Movies and Chubby chasers



May 1, 2014

Cats and Dogs, Pooping and birds


Are You Down? May 9, 2014 Incest, Down syndrome, and First swear words
105 We're Straight? May 15, 2014 Embarrassing moments and Comedians